Paulson Uses Nepotism to Provide Financial Stability

Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that Treasury Sec Paulson will name an old disciple from Goldman Sachs, Neel Kashkari, to manage the $700 billion bailout to buy distressed assets from financial institutions. Mr. Kashkari will get to tell his friends he’s the head of the Office Ministry of Financial Stability. Though Kashkari has an MBA from Wharton, not Harvard, I’m going to say this supports Arnold Kling’s ominous prediction

Big Finance and Big Government have much in common. Both are coveted by Harvard graduates. Both are characterized by an arrogant sense of entitlement and importance.

Instead of thinking of the pending bailouts and financial regulation as a new era of government supervisions of markets, think of it as preserving the system in which a Harvard elite controls other people’s money. In fact, very little is likely to change. Reading the news stories about how Secretary Paulson plans to implement the bailout, it seems as though the same people will be in charge of the money. Print some new business cards, change the logo on the front from “Goldman Sachs” to “U.S. Treasury,” and everything else continues as it was. It’s just that it becomes a lot more difficult for ordinary people to opt out of using the elite’s money management services.


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