Quanta of Disappointment


The new Bond film suffers many faults.  For my own part, I thought the worst was the economically illiterate plot.  Recent events alone should give more fodder for film makers.  Honestly: How much money does this secret organization intend to collect on a water monopoly in Bolivia?  Were tariffs on water imports part of the agreement?  Let’s be generous.  Let’s assume that’s part of the plan. Total economic isolation of Bolivia.  A stationary bandit, a parasite sucking away the goods of this fine country.  Now, how much money will this organization suck from these poor Bolivian peasants?  A far far far better plan would be to buy GM, Ford and Chrysler and then to beg for a $50 billion dollar bailout.  Maybe an investment bank or two on top of that and you collect a cool trillion. 

I agree with this insightful review by Mark Simpson

I’d like to think that the deathly boutique hotel was a deliberate commentary on the morbidity of consumer culture, but given the murderous lack of wit on evidence in this undead movie I suspect it was rather unintentional. Likewise, the way that the cancellation of an AWOL Mr Bond’s credit card by his MI6 Sugar Mummy Judi Dench is presented as one of the worst chastisements possible, almost on a par with losing his girlfriend in the last movie.


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