Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

While I’m at it, I can’t overstate how good Stoppard’s play is.  I recently saw a production at the Huntington Theater in Boston.  For a play about ideas, the story hums.  I can only say this: nothing embodies freedom of expression as well as rock ‘n’ roll.  Leave it to Stoppard to show us our complacency.   Let it rip; let’em riff; let us soar.   Stoppard’s play deftly illustrates the straight-jacket conservatism sewn into the ideology of socialism.  The play is a poignant reminder that the real political spectrum does not stretch between the left and the right, but as Bryan Caplan says, between statist and non-statist philosophies.


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  1. Thanks so much for your comment on our production of “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” I’m glad you got the chance to see it last weekend before it closed. I encourage you to post your comment on *our* blog –, as well. Hope to see you at the Huntington again soon!

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