Pirates Attack!

From the New York Comptroller, we learn pirates have ransacked TARP: 

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said that total Wall Street bonuses totaled $18.4 billion last year. Though that represented a 44% drop from the previous year, the size of the bonus pool was the sixth-highest ever.
At first I felt outraged, but then I thought, well, this is what public choice theorists have predicted. A vision then came to me.  I saw the United States as an old bitch gone in the teeth, teetering on the brink as a botched civilization.  If TARP was a disappointment, if you think these bonuses are only the beginning, wait till we watch the stimulus funds trickle to every crony, every power-grubbing whore, every brother-in-law of anybody who has a government job. These corsairs–the bankers, the interest groups, the lobbyists, the commissars of public education–these freebooters will once and for all kill the State. They will bring this bitch down. That is my vision. The stimulus package is nothing less than a prescription for slow suicide.  The cure is worse than the disease. Aegrescit medendo!  The government is preying upon the weak: future generations, anyone who can’t vote today, who couldn’t tell you what stimulate means. If you support the stimulus, take a second, and ask yourself how you came to enslave the unborn. That is all. 

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