Obama: The Orator of Light

The Language Log has a fascinating look into the frequency of two word terms used in Obama’s inauguration address. A quick analysis reveals that Obama’s speech writer is in fact the Thomas Kinkade of milquetoast liberal sentiment. Jon Favreau: speechwriter of light. 

Frequent terms intended to conjure up the pioneer in all of us: few worldly possessions, long rugged path, distant mountains, far-off deserts, hard earth, difficult task, icy river, icy currents, hungry minds, starved bodies, rugged path, brave Americans. 

Terms intended to unite us all into one common incontestable ant-hill: common dangers, common defense, common good, common humanity, common purpose, collective failure, many big plans, fellow citizens, greater cooperation, mutual interest, mutual respect, patchwork heritage…

Terms indicating the opposition is nothing more than a group of kiss kiss, hug hug, lip gloss girls: childish things, bad habits, stale political arguments, petty grievances, worn-out dogmas…

Terms demonstrating we’re not old: new age, new era, new foundation, new jobs, new life, new threats, new way, next generation, young nation….


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