Dambisa Moyo: Remember Live Aid? It should be Dead Aid

Words of wisdom from Ms. Moyo in the Q&A section of  NYTimes Magazine

Q: You argue in your book that Western aid to Africa has not only perpetuated poverty but also worsened it, and you are perhaps the first African to request in book form that all development aid be halted within five years. 

A: Think about it this way — China has 1.3 billion people, only 300 million of whom live like us, if you will, with Western living standards. There are a billion Chinese who are living in substandard conditions. Do you know anybody who feels sorry for China? Nobody…

Q: What do you think has held back Africans? 

A: I believe it’s largely aid. You get the corruption — historically, leaders have stolen the money without penalty — and you get the dependency, which kills entrepreneurship. You also disenfranchise African citizens, because the government is beholden to foreign donors and not accountable to its people.

Her book, entitled Dead Aid, will be published in March.



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3 responses to “Dambisa Moyo: Remember Live Aid? It should be Dead Aid

  1. Aaron Davies

    I keep waiting for someone to yell “Keep your fucking money!”

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  3. davidg1234

    Bono and the other celebrities have already noticed the positive impact and air time that that Dambisa is receiving.

    Check out their latest tactics here. They can only win with dishonesty: http://davidgrundy.blogspot.com/2009/03/untrue-accusations-by-one-organization.html

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