About Us

We fight. We bicker. We welcome you to our home. One of us is a recusant academic philosopher, shipwrecked from Oxford philosophy, lost amidst the wreckage of his career. The other is an out of work investment banker. Rational and rectilinear, The Timid Scholar loves the nuance of fact finding and the power of economic literacy. Enraged, tired of clear-headed thinking, standing on his stool, yelling over the crowd in the tavern, The Drunken Priest is a forlorn heretic. Together we hope to amuse.


One response to “About Us

  1. Wow! to find great writing on a blog is like finding gold in a desert. This is as juicy as a tough gemera class!

    I’m hooked!

    Synaptically yours,

    Doc Gee

    The George Greenstein Institute, creating a sustainable future by coaching bodies, brains and minds!

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